There are two constants in fishing, especially fishing from the shore. They are friendship and exploration. One of the reasons we fell in love with the sport of surfcasting is the way it brings people together. It forges new relationships, strengthens old ones, and provides countless moments of connection, excitement, and joy. If our products can make customers excited about spending more time in the outdoors with the people closest to them, we'll have done our job right. It's opportunities like our first ever Dune Hike that make us hit pause on our busy lives, connect with others, and reflect on what's important.

At the end of this month, a small group of outdoorsmen will take to the Cape Cod dunelands for 3 days of hiking, fishing, & living off the land. This is the first weekend of what will become an annual tradition of leaving society behind to spend time in pursuit of beautiful sunrises and sets, good conversation, and most importantly, great fishing.

The Outer Cape (known by locals and fishermen of old as The Outer Reach) is known for its miles of sandy coastline, legendary dunelands, isolation, and beauty. For generations, fishermen, artists, writers, and those passionate for the outdoors have sought out the rolling hills of Provincetown, Welfleet, & Truro in search of a peaceful escape and reminder of what's important in life.

We'll begin our trip in Barnstable, MA, laying out the weekend's gear to make sure we've got enough to sustain us for a couple of days. Everything from water and food to fishing rods and a drone will be carried on our backs through the Dunes of the Provincelands and eventually to the beaches of the Outer Reach. Early the next day, our caravan will unload the 5 of us at our starting point early in the morning to begin our hike. We'll make our way across the dunes and once we've reached the water, will determine our strategy going-forward from there, North towards Cape Cod's mighty-fist or South back to the creature comforts of the Lower Cape.

What makes this trip so special, like any fishing trip, is the people who will be sharing the experience together. The roster below is a group of old friends native to New England, gathering together to set out on the first annual hike. We look forward to capturing some great footage and can't wait to share the experience.

The Outer Reach
Dune Hike Crew


The Atlantic Surf founder, surf fishing addict, & perpetual story-teller coordinated this trip with the end goal of making the experience an annual tradition. The MBBA, Truro Dune Shacks, Nauset-beach striped bass record, and great Atlantic all served as inspiration to venture out onto the unending miles of outer Cape coastline. Andrew brings his fishing experience, photography, and poor sense of humor along with him on the hike.  What does a successful hike look like for Andrew? How about freshly caught striped bass, wrapped in tin-foil and cooking over an open fire.


Nick is as salty as they come, almost to a fault. New England lore states he once ate a raw clam the size of two clenched fists. Raised in Marion, MA and an avid fisherman since his youth, Nick's often found rubbing elbows with the Canal Rats of the Upper Cape. His experience pulling overnighters at the Canal, surfcasting from any number of Cape Cod's sandy beaches, and being raised on a fishing boat make him a valuable asset on the outer beaches. The challenge with these vagabond types is of course, their planning. We can only hope that he remembers the date we're leaving and shows up on time.


Emblazoned by a harpoon tattoo to help him channel his late grandfather and New England's rich fishing heritage, Jake's viking descent combined with his love for the ocean give him the guts and grit needed to thrive on the Outer Reach. A man who never complains and gets the job done can be your best asset when alone in the wilderness. Out of the Emergency Room and into the great unknown, he's a seasoned medical professional who will be able to ensure we return from our trip happy and healthy, barring an encounter with one of Cape Cod's visiting Great White Sharks.


To create the best trip possible, every crew needs it's balance of rationality and spontaneity. Sometimes, an engineer's mind fits the bill perfectly. Pete's experience building things for people who need them should come in handy while handling some of the daily tasks of wilderness living. Armed with a healthy addiction to Primitive Technology's YouTube channel, Pete will be the operations guru, chief fire starter, and ultimately the most sunburned individual at the end of the weekend. It doesn't hurt that like the rest of the crew, Pete's hooked into a striper or two in his day and knows what to do when the rod tip bends.


Drone in hand, smile on his face, and eager to get out and explore, Graham is an integral piece to the dune hike puzzle. His creativity will shine through video of sprawling outer beach landscapes and the story he'll tell through the lens of his camera. Expect to see photos of Graham sporting his Atlantic Surf Fish Finder's Cap, enjoying a smoke and watching the sun go down, deep-in-thought, curiously pondering the vastness of himself and the peculiar situation these 5 men have found themselves in. Graham's positivity and laid back spirit will come in handy when the bite goes cold or the hiking begins to to wear. 



  • This is so cool!!

    Kathy Gallant
  • Sounds like an amazing adventure. I can’t wait to see the pictures and read about the adventure!

    Lisa Orfan
  • Sounds like a fantastic excursion. Can’t wait to see the highlights.

    Paul Tagher

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