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Crowe's Pasture is known for being one of the most beautiful landmarks on Cape Cod. Every summer, surf fishing locals and beach going tourists flock to this beautiful stretch of conservation land that rests peacefully along the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay. It just so happens that this tranquil shore spot was where the inspiration for The Atlantic Surf began to take form.

Shore Spots will be a recurring segment for The Atlantic Surf blog. Though fishermen are traditionally protective of their fishing spots (which is understandable given how popular the sport has become), I believe that sharing some of the special places we go to fish with others is good for the sport and better for the people who do it. With this in mind, I'd like to tell you a little bit about one of my favorite surf fishing locations on Cape Cod.

I think the perfect place to start is with a little bit about the location. Crowe's Pasture sits on the north side of Dennis, Massachusetts, one of Cape Cod's 15 towns. For those visiting the Cape, expect to drive about 20 minutes over the Sagamore Bridge to reach Dennis, with another 10-15 or so to ultimately reach Crowe's Pasture.

The town of Dennis lies on the eastern bank of Bass River (an estuary and village that technically sits in South Yarmouth, MA). Other than the picturesque charm and small shops that border Main Street, Dennis is home to two drive-on beaches, one at Chapin Beach, the other at Crowe's Pasture. Both can be fished successfully with the right knowledge, tackle, and timing. Over the past couple of years. I've done a lot of my fishing at Crowe's Pasture. For the angler interested in avoiding the crowds at the Cape Cod Canal, I would definitely recommend it. This spot is special for a few reasons. 1.) When the tide drains out of Cape Cod Bay, you can walk for what feels like miles. The opportunity to be "in" nature is one of the biggest reasons to give Crowe's Pasture a shot. If you like to take photos like I do, the opportunity is even more attractive given the sprawling landscape and breathtaking sunrises.
2.) The fishing is fantastic. I'm sure some readers will find themselves in disagreement with me, and that's fine. This write-up is solely based on my own experiences. I've fished Crowe's Pasture in the morning, mid-day, and evening with success at each time of day. The first morning I fished Crowe's was right around sunrise, through the flood slack and into the outgoing. This was a productive morning, but one of the only decent mornings I've had fishing here while the Bay was full of water. During late June through August, I've had mornings that've produced some of the best fishing I've ever had. I'm a bit of a drive from Crowe's, so when the rooster crows (no pun intended) at 4AM, I'm usually prepped the night before and out the door for a 30 minute drive to the spot. Although Crowe's Pasture is approved for ORV, it's not necessary to drive on the beach to fish there (I'm pretty sure it's blocked off early in the morning anyhow). There is a parking lot that gets you within a 5 minute walk from the sand. From here, it's a good 10-15 minute walk to the shoreline when the Bay is drained.

If you make it to this point, meaning you've prepped your gear and woken up early to make the trip, I'd say that if the tide is right, your odds are relatively good for fish. I try to fish the better incoming tides at sunrise, and usually go prepared with bait, lures, & my camera. Given the walk, it might not be a bad idea to size down if you have multiple options for carrying your gear. I typically will switch out my tackle-bag for a small backpack and keep to what I need; extra rigs, leader, snaps, swivels, a plastic bag with bait, knife, pliers, & a single tackle box insert to hold a few lures and cut my bait on. For your surf rigs, be careful with the fish-finders as the finicky crabs will not leave you alone. One last tip. At this spot it's especially important to keep your bait off the ocean floor and you should prioritize the appropriate surf rigs accordingly. 

Hopefully you found this short write-up helpful. I'm always on the hunt to try new spots so if you have them, are open to sharing, and are interested in providing this sort of write-up. Please give it a shot and send along.

Wishing you good luck & great fishing.

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