We've all done it. Bought an awesome piece of clothing that represents who we are or what we care about, only to be disappointed when either the wrong size arrives or we mistakenly ran it through the wash, changing the fit. There is nothing like a good t-shirt. A comfortable well-fitting tee has the ability to change your mindset; evoke a laid-back, by the beach mentality or a hip and professional attitude. We thought it might be helpful to provide a bit more information about The Atlantic Surf tees so you know what to expect when your order arrives at the door.


The Atlantic Surf tees are manufactured using 100% Fine Supima cotton. Not to be confused with the retail term, "pima cotton", which is used more-so as a generic term for a "better" cotton. Supima® is American-grown, long-staple cotton and is one of the world's finest cotton fabrics. It is known for its soft texture and light feel when worn.


The Atlantic Surf tees are slim-fit, meaning the chest and back measurements are a bit smaller, leading to a more tapered look from the underarms to the waste. Slim-fit tees are pretty common among today's t-shirts (you might be surprised at how many you already own). When purchasing, expect our tees to fit true-to-size. Said another way, if you've always been a Medium-fit tee, order a Medium.


For us, nothing influences the mood of a t-shirt more than the fit. Though The Atlantic Surf shirts do fit true-to-size, one favorite features of our tees is that sizing-up fits well if the wearer is looking for a more relaxed look. After a full wash-and-dry cycle, the slim-fit keeps the shirt from looking like a bedsheet, but still achieves the laid-back beach look you might be searching for. When sizing-up, expect the tee to fall a bit wider off of the shoulder blades and fit a bit looser through the neck and waist.


As with any cotton tee, you can expect some slight shrinkage if the shirt is run through a full wash-dry cycle. Note that the shrinkage is minimal, though, and shouldn't deter you from purchasing a shirt true to your size. For best care, hang-dry.


For reference, in much of the product photography shown on our website & Instagram, Andrew (The Atlantic Surf founder) is 5"9, weighs 170lbs and is a Medium shirt size. We'll do our best to always include the model's sizing information for reference when viewing our photos. In the image above, Andrew is wearing our Medium Heritage Tee, but often prefers to size up to the Large when fishing or spending the day at the beach.


We hope this article was helpful. Please email us at with any feedback.