The Atlantic Surf tees are manufactured using 100% Fine Supima cotton. Not to be confused with the retail term, "pima cotton", which is used more-so as a generic term for a "better" cotton. Supima® is American-grown, long-staple cotton and is one of the world's finest cotton fabrics. It is known for its soft texture and light feel when worn.


The Atlantic Surf tees are slim-fit, meaning the chest and back measurements are a bit smaller, leading to a more tapered look from the underarms to the waste. Slim-fit tees are pretty common among today's t-shirts (you might be surprised at how many you already own). When purchasing, expect our tees to fit true-to-size. Said another way, if you've always been a Medium-fit tee, order a Medium.


For us, nothing influences the mood of a t-shirt more than the fit. Though The Atlantic Surf shirts do fit true-to-size, one favorite feature of our tees is that sizing-up fits well if the wearer is looking for a more relaxed look. After a full wash-and-dry cycle, the slim-fit keeps the shirt from looking like a bedsheet, but still achieves the laid-back beach look you might be searching for. When sizing-up, expect the tee to fall a bit wider off of the shoulder blades and fit a bit looser through the neck and waist.


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