Few things give us as much joy as the time spent sharing our fishing expeditions with others and discussing the summer's adventures with fellow fishermen. In the past couple of years, Instagram has proven to be a great medium for sharing epic battles with fish and days on the water with friends. We thought we'd take a minute to share four of the fishing-themed Instagram accounts that kept us smiling throughout 2017.


Any New England angler worth their weight is familiar with On The Water, the Massachusetts-based fishing and boating magazine. The OTW Instagram account does a great job of sharing photos from all walks of fishing life; from fly to spin fishing, anglers of all ages, and a multitude of species. This year's posts show the OTW team's dedication to high-quality photography and ability to showcase images that keep you prepared, educated, and excited for your next day on the water.



 One word. Badass. If you haven't spent time on Elliot Sudal's Instagram, ACK Sharks, you are missing out. Many of us have reeled in bluefish or striped bass from the surf, but few of us have hauled in one of nature's most terrifyingly beautiful creatures. Elliot's catches include a wide-range of shark species including lemon, bull, tiger, sandbar, and makos. Better yet - Elliot's focus in recent years has turned to catching and tagging these fish for research. Truly commendable. Well done, Elliot.



After 7 years braving the Bering Sea on the crab-boat, f/v Rollo, Corey Arnold turned his sights to harvesting wild and sustainable Sockeye Salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska. His fishing experience, though, is only part of the reason why we consider him one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Fish-Work is Corey's life's work, a photo series documenting his experiences of life at sea for commercial fisherman worldwide. In short, Corey is an unbelievable talent who inspires us with the indescribable moments he captures in nature.



Labelling themselves "A band of outdoor creators and renegades" is quite fitting given the mood and adventure that resonates through the Badfish Instagram account. From backyard Southern flats fishing to New England's deep-sea tuna territory, these guys have it all for fisherman, photography, and nature-lovers alike. Keep it coming, Badfish.


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