The Atlantic Surf is a lifestyle brand developed for those passionate for fishing from the surf. The idea for the brand was born from a love for the ocean and a desire to give surfcasters a way to represent their dedication to the sport. Today's fishing brands spend too much time focused on women and beer, and not enough on what makes fishing so special; relationships, the challenge, and its ties to nature. While walking one of Cape Cod's most beautiful conservation areas (Crowe's Pasture in East Dennis, MA) one early June morning, a love for the sport combined with an interest in design and business combined to breath life into The Atlantic Surf.


Like anything worth doing, the process of taking an idea from concept to market was not easy. Given the level of time fishermen spend perfecting their craft; we knew it was important to create a product that stands up to the expectations of such a dedicated bunch. Luckily, we consider ourselves to be passionate fishermen, so we knew that if we held true to our own vision and quality standards; there was a chance to create something special.  

As with any fishing expedition; factors like preparedness, dedication, patience, and hard-work all play a role in being successful in the surf. These words come to life in the way we've selected our design partners, apparel suppliers, and manufacturers. We know we've taken the steps to build products that customers can be proud of, and we believe one of the reasons for this is our dedication to working with those who embody the spirit of fishermen and the ingredients mentioned above. 


 The Atlantic Surf logo is a combination between a vintage neon sign you'd see along a boardwalk in the 1950s and a swashy custom script to evoke the loose movement and flow of a line casting out to sea. The graphics and design-work are purposefully light, airy, open, and unconfined. It was our goal to develop artwork that pays tribute to a relaxing morning fishing on a wide-open beach.

"Chase the Tide" is a motto that represents what it means to be a surfcaster. When the early-AM alarm rings; the countdown begins and the race for the proper timing, tide, and sunlight is underway. The thrill of the chase is what we're after and with the right combination of preparation and a little luck; nothing stands in between us and a successful morning on the beach.


 Though we've made it through the early rounds, we know that the process of building a brand customers can be proud of is a journey and not a destination. Looking to the months and years ahead, we promise to hold ourselves accountable to making goods and apparel that stay true to the fishermen and ocean lovers who support us. Never will we make decisions without these individuals at the center and we are committed to building something we all can be proud of.

The Atlantic Surf
Chase the Tide

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